We specialize in “the complex…”

Do you have a piece of property that has mixed use and multiple income generators? Perhaps its zoning is complicated, there are mineral rights involved, and you just don’t know how to value your property because of its potential future income. The Stogan Group can help you establish a value and market your property effectively to potential buyers.

Our Other Services:

Residential, Agricultural  and Commercial Real Estate

We are not your typical agency…

Our real estate brokerage is a byproduct of our analysis. That doesn’t mean we take our brokerage less seriously than our analysis—it means that you won’t receive empty recommendations based on what type of commission we can make off of you. TSG puts each of its properties through a rigorous and proprietary investment matrix to determine if the project is worth your time and your money.

If you’re a buyer and are serious about acquiring a sound investment property, then TSG is the Broker for you. If you are a seller who is interested in positioning your property for success to potential investors, then TSG is the Broker for you.

We take our customers, their time, and their investments seriously. Our “investment first” approach means that our focus is constantly in your best interest.

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