Our Other Services:

Economic and Business Consulting

The Stogan Group currently manages multiple organizations and industry associations. Here's how we do it:

Analyze and Implement.

Analysis. Analysis. Analysis. Our mantra is analysis. But analysis is worthless without implementation. We know our markets and understand our customers before we implement a strategic plan for your company.

If your organization is successful but still looking for the next strategic initiative, look no further. Do you need to evaluate and mitigate your risk? Do you know what you want to get done, but don’t know who to talk to and where to start? The Stogan Group brokers relationships too. Put our international network of associates at your disposal to experience the next phase of growth in your company. Our focus on implementation will motivate your team and turn your good ideas into tangible results.

Published News and Media Outlets

The Stogan Group has been published in numerous news outlets, market newsletters, and economic updates. We are often contracted by these organizations to provide sound economic analysis while our authorship remains anonymous. Our writing includes industry-specific weekly newsletters, research publications, economic analysis publications, press articles, and more.

Speaking engagements

The principals of The Stogan Group are experienced public speakers and recognized experts in their fields. Some of their speaking engagements have included

  • International Rice Economic Conventions
  • Chinese University
  • California State University, Chico
  • University of California, Davis